3 Alternative Uses for Granny Flats

Posted on May 8 2018 - 2:10pm by Edwina Rimmer

Front view of granny flatMost people think of granny flats as a living space for the elderly. It is easy to see why. The name itself states “granny” and “flats”.

Still, if you were to redefine your granny flat as a self-contained space, what you have is something that serves many other functions. That means a lot of uses besides just living quarters. Luckily, if you are looking for granny flats in Sydney, there is always a professional nearby who can help.

You may be interested to know what else you can do with a flat. Here are three alternative uses for granny flats:

As Additional Bedroom Space

When you have relatives or friends in town, you can convert your granny flats into a guesthouse instead of booking an expensive hotel. As granny flats can be built to a custom design, you can have additional bed space in your flat. Depending on your needs, you can also add amenities like toilets or a living room or just have extra bedrooms. With this, you have a ready to go guesthouse in your backyard for those visiting relatives.

As an Investment Property

A granny flat provides the perfect opportunity for you to make additional income by renting it out. The options are numerous. You can rent out your space to a long-term live-in tenant and make residual monthly income. There are many students, singles or even newly-wed couples who are always on the lookout for a small space. You may also go with the short-term rentals which are common for travellers, especially Airbnb customers. The demand is always there.

As a Home Office

As you have the option to customise your space, you can build your granny flats to even act as an office. This includes all amenities such as telephone, computers, tables and chairs. It means an entire comfortable space ready to get your work done.

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In the end, a granny flat can serve many different functions besides being a living space. It certainly helps in the long run.