3 Common Types of Fences to Consider for Your Property

Posted on Nov 20 2018 - 1:00am by author

metal fence at the parkFences have become a necessity in almost every home or business park. They make a compound or residence appear complete. They play a vital role in keeping intruders away. The role is almost psychological. People are unlikely to trespass your property just from seeing a fence.

1. Metal Fences

Iron and aluminum fences are common examples of metal fences. Usually, they are installed for their strong mechanical properties. The installation process involves the ramming of poles onto the ground, which may be complemented by a concrete slab around it. Fencing panels may then be welded onto the poles. Metal fences are resistant to extreme temperatures and termites, which are major shortcomings when dealing with PVC and wood fences.

2. PVC Fences

They are considered the cheapest fencing option. They are also quick to install, as they do not require welding. They provide a unique set of benefits in the way of their resistance to corrosion by water and susceptibility to pests. They may only be affected by exposure to extreme temperatures over prolonged periods. PVC material is easy to work with. That means that buyers have a chance to place their orders for highly customized fence designs.

3. Wood Fences

Wood fences tend to strike a balance between the properties of both metal and PVC fences. That may be responsible for their frequency of use for fencing. For instance, wood fences provide greater physical strength in comparison to PVC fences. On the other hand, they are cheaper to purchase and install in relation to metal fences. However, they experience a significant shortcoming in the way of being susceptible to termite attacks and water damage.

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Different fences offer different benefits and concerns. Their cost of installation also varies. A buyer, therefore, must strike a balance between the most dominant features that they are interested in.