3 Genius Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 12:00am by Lilies and Daisies

Kitchen MakeoverUnless you live in a large house, chances are your kitchen space is quite limited. While making way for more room to it is going to require renovation, simply making it look bigger and more attractive does not.

With the right additions, you can transform the appearance of your kitchen, create the illusion of the room being bigger, and beautify it along the way.

Here are three effective ways you can achieve these goals.

1. Use light or low-contrast colours.

Avoid using too many darks or high-contrast colours when painting or decorating your kitchen. These colours make a room dimmer and paves the way for more shadows.

So stick to light or low-contrast paint. Going for an almost all-white kitchen is a good idea too, especially if your appliances and furnishings are in the same colour. This way, they can seamlessly blend into the walls, giving your kitchen a roomier feel and appearance.

2. Install lighting products at the right places.

Nobody wants to work in a dim kitchen, and besides, it’s also dangerous without adequate lighting. It is also a great way to make a small kitchen look more spacious, since you can reduce the number of space-shrinking shadows.

Aside from the overhead light, consider getting some for your work spaces too, such as above the counters and atop the oven.

3. Get an AS2208-labeled splashback.

According to perthcityglass.com.au, splashbacks in Perth, WA, are now becoming more popular among residents, and for many good reasons. One, it is both functional and decorative. It also provides a more contemporary look to any room it is installed in. And since it works as a great reflector, they are ideal for cramped kitchens that would really benefit in appearing larger than they really are.

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Before you invest in a splashback, make sure it bears the AS2208 label, which is proof that it has met the stringent requirements of the Australian Standards for Safety glazing materials for use in buildings. To ensure you get the best value for your money, work only with a highly recommended splashbacks expert.

According to Charles Addams, ‘Normal is an illusion’. Space, too, is an illusion of colour and light. Use this principle to your advantage.