3 Reasons to Use Wooden Steps for Spiral Staircases

Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 2:14am by Lilies and Daisies

Wooden staircase with a glass railingMany experienced realtors and interior designers agree that there are specific elements you can add to a loft house or one with an open second or mezzanine floor. The key among these is a spiral staircase. While you have the freedom to choose any material for the staircase's framework, it's best to take a careful consideration when choosing the ones for the steps.

Ackworthhouse.co.nz and other reputable home building contractors in NZ list the following reasons to choose wooden steps for your spiral staircase:


You have probably heard that no wood structure can last a lifetime. However, that does not negate the fact that wooden structures are the sturdiest ones. Wooden staircase steps feel not only solid, but also reliable with every step. This is unlike their metal alternatives that rattle when using them.

Raw Beauty

It goes without saying that wood is the most beautiful of all raw construction material. That means when you finish the wood for your staircase steps, it will bring out the refined touch you want.

High Resale Value

Apart from being a costly remodeling addition, spiral staircases meet the standards of many potential buyers today. Therefore, to further increase your property's resale value, you can add the elegance of wooden steps and rails. You can also setup a completely wooden staircase if your local building code for stairs allows you to do so.

The big question is never about whether you want concrete, glass, metallic, plastic, porcelain, rubber, or wooden steps for your staircase, it's about what's best for your particular structural design needs. Therefore, always find an experienced designer to first discuss your options before settling for a particular material for your staircase steps.

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