3 Top Boat Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 2:58pm by Lilies and Daisies

A boat in dockNo matter what design or size your boat is, if it has a sentimental value to you, you always want to keep it in mint shape. If you’ve had the boat for a long period, it’s likely that it’s starting to show signs of aging and deterioration. Well, it’s never too late to restore it to its initial glory and keep it going for several more years. Here are three easy and affordable tips to do just that:

Replace rotting wood

As your boat ages, you’ll start to notice that there’s more rotting wood on it. You don’t want to let the problem to persist longer than necessary. This is the time to call a professional to take care of it. Kinsel Docks noted that you would most likely need help from someone with experience in building decks in Rockport, especially if the deck floor of the boat shows signs of sagging and rotting. Depending on the extent of the problem, you may strip away the old wood and build the deck a new.

Wash the boat

Your boat probably spends a significant time on the lake, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t need a thorough wash. After every outing on the salty waters, make sure to rinse the boat to remove the salt residue. Salt is one of the leading enemies of your vessel’s body after all.

Change the oil appropriately

Boats, like vehicles, require an oil change after a certain interval to keep working optimally. While the frequency may vary depending on the model, the general rule is to change the oil at least once a year. If you boat a lot, change the oil after every one hundred hours of operation.

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Your safety while out on the waters depends on the boat’s physical condition. Fortunately, most routine maintenance is simple yet can add a lot of life to it.