4 Bathroom Countertop Options to Choose From

Posted on Sep 18 2015 - 7:16am by Lilies and Daisies

Bathroom RenovationRenovating your bathroom can breathe a new life to your house. As it’s probably the first place you go to when you wake up, an exceptionally appealing bathroom can make be good start to your day. But, aside from added beauty and style, bathroom refurbishing can also provide a lot of other benefits.

There are different ways to remodel bathrooms. You can tear down everything and start from scratch or it can be as simple as fitting in new cabinets. If you choose to settle for new countertops, don’t take this simple activity lightly. You have to choose the right material to make the most of your bathroom countertop.


BathroomInternational.com.au says bathroom vanities would look more stylish if you use natural materials such as granite. This provides sleek and rich appeal, and repels grease from hair products. Plus, granite is durable, scratch- and heat-resistant, porous and low-maintenance.


Similar to granite, this material is highly durable and low-maintenance. Even though quartzite is not completely scratch-proof, you can easily buff out scrapes with fine-grade sandpaper. This solid surface can handle heat from curling irons and similar items, although it may cost you more to purchase.


High-quality aside, granite and quartzite are two of the most costly countertop materials. If you cannot afford either of these two, choosing laminate instead is a suitable solution. This is an economical option that is available in different finishes. It’s highly versatile; it can look like granite or quartzite.


If you have no problems with extensive maintenance, then choosing wood vanity may be feasible. This porous surface is susceptible to water damage and rot, which is why it needs proper sealing. Outside of that, this organic material gives your bathroom a warm, inviting and soothing feel.

Whether you need to fix problems or simply want a change, renovating bathroom countertops is an ideal option. Make sure the material you choose for it is suitable to your needs and preferences.