All About Pools: Myths Exposed

Posted on Jul 18 2016 - 2:24am by Lilies and Daisies

Outdoor Swimming PoolWould you like to add a new feature to your pool to make it more modern or updated? For pool renovations, Brisbane has seasoned pool designers that can help you get started. Feel free to call and visit them for consultation.

Meanwhile, there are various myths about pools. It helps to learn about them before taking a plunge. Below are some of them:

  • Strong chlorine smell indicates that the water is clean.

The heavy chemical smell doesn’t come from chlorine but from chloramines. These are irritants formed when chlorine reacts with human body fluids like sweat, body oils, saliva, urine, and faeces. Take note that the stronger the smell of chlorine, the dirtier the pool is.

  • Pool water is disinfected so children can swallow it.

Although chlorine can kill waterborne germs, some take longer to destroy than others. Additionally, more swimmers mean the presence of more germs. And since not all pools are well-maintained, warn your children not to swallow pool water.

  • Chlorine makes your eyes red and hair green.

The presence of body fluids in the pool irritates eyes, making them red. The metal plumbing, stairs, and copper sulphate added to the pool to prevent algae growth can shade hair green. To protect your hair from discolouration, wear a swim cap or rinse and shampoo your hair to remove copper after swimming.

  • There will be a chemical reaction when you pee in the pool.

No chemical agent can detect the presence of urine in water. But this is not an excuse for you to urinate in the pool.

  • Clear water indicates that the water is clean.

The water in your pool may be clear and clean, but when acid rain, lawn products, and ammonia present in body fluids combine, they form chloramines. These compounds allow microorganisms to thrive in your pool making you prone to waterborne diseases.

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Swimming is fun especially if you are with your friends and loved ones. Just make sure that you observe safety measures to avoid untoward incidents. To enjoy your pool through the years, have it maintained and checked regularly. For repair and renovations, ask only the assistance of the experts.