Brick and Mortar: Building the Foundations of your Legacy

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 5:36am by Lilies and Daisies

Prepare for RetirementLife is an extraordinary journey of ups and downs. You will know success, and you will know failure. And while you may enjoy the occasional random detours, there comes a time when you have to start building something that will last. The entire journey is the time to make something of yourself – a legacy. And while you are still in your prime, consider it a great challenge.

While you are still able to, here are three things you should consider building.

Your House

The house maketh the man. For the most part of life, your house is perhaps the first mark you will ever make. Owning your own house is a great milestone in your life. In your young years, enjoy life in your humble abode, whether that be a flat or a pre-fab home. But aspire for something greater for the long run. Once you start climbing the career ladder and rake in bigger paychecks, you can then think about founding your dream house. When it is time, you can then contract the local country home builders such as to build you a nice retreat in the country. That is sure to give you the sanctuary you will spend retirement in.

Your Business

Some people want to be their own bosses. Well, whether you have a mind for entrepreneurship or not, people can all agree that additional sources of income are always welcome. That said, think about starting your own business venture. Anything will do good, as long as you have the mind and passion for it. One of the things that will cement your legacy is the thing that you create on your own from the ground up. If you want to retire early and make something of yourself, best plant more seeds to sow. Who knows, perhaps even this little venture will grow up to be the big family business your children will inherit someday.

Your Person

According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, self-actualisation is at the top. To complete your legacy, you need to be fulfilled. So once you already thrive financially, you can now go on to build yourself up to your fulfilment. Start a new hobby, learn new skills, or go back to skill for higher education. The choice is up to you.

Life is short to simply be wandering around. Start thinking of leaving something great behind. Make something of yourself. Start today.