Brighten Up Your Christmas Display with Festive Lights

Posted on Jun 8 2018 - 1:00am by Edwina Rimmer

Living room decorated for ChristmasChristmas is a much-awaited, super festive holiday – and sparkling lights are an integral part of the seasonal decorations. Roof to Deck Decoration notes that this is not just for residences; Christmas lights are a must in commercial spaces, as well. Yearly, retail shops make it a point to outdo each other with their imaginative decorations.

If you are a shop owner, here are some tips to help you put together the eye-catching holiday display you desire – and that will capture the attention of shoppers and passers-by, alike.

1. Find a unifying theme.

Do you want to go winter wonderland? Or classic Christmas theme? Perhaps you are fixing for something more modern and sleek? Whatever it is, utilize lights (and sounds, as well) to make your idea even more spectacular.

2. Check the size of your space.

Measure everything accurately.  Decide which areas or elements within the store you want to put lights on.

3. Plan out your vision for your decoration.

Sketch it, if you have to. This will keep you focused on what you want to achieve. It will also help you keep what you really want top-of-mind when sourcing materials.

4. Find a reliable supplier who can service all your requirements for commercial Christmas lights.

There are several types of lights for you to choose from; among these,  running lights, colored bulbs, and fairy lights. Also, go with a supplier who can provide the lighting in the quantities you need.

5. Make safety and energy efficiency top priorities.

Avoid getting cheap lights that may be a fire hazard. Do opt for LED lights to save on power costs.

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6. Use your products and your branding elements as part of the display – but be subtle and creative.

Need a Christmas tree? Why not stack your products to form one? Incorporate your logo into the overall design if you can. If you have coupons for promotional offers, use them to deck your in-store tree. The possibilities are endless. These techniques not only lend an artsy flair, they also reinforce your branding.

7. Create a display with impact by including moving elements.

You can be innovative with this; you can use small electric fans, for instance. A bubble machine, perhaps, or moving lights can also be very attractive.

Many shoppers look forward to commercial window and in-store displays for the holidays. Attract customers to your shop with a well-planned, bright and beautiful Christmas showcase.