Buying a House? Back Out if It Lacks These 3 Things

Posted on Feb 15 2016 - 3:55am by Lilies and Daisies

M&A Apartments in Fortitude ValleyWhen you’re buying a house, the most important factor is of course, the price. But some sellers are quick to take you up on that and in the meantime capitalize on some minor disclaimers on the home you’re buying.

Before you say yes to an amazing price (10% below the usual on the market), here’s what you have to ask about:

1. Repairs

Some sellers like to conceal the damage the house has suffered through the words “minor repairs.” This could seem like a small expense to put up yourself after such a good price, but remember that these repairs may keep you from living in your new home until they are done. What’s more, there may be hidden damages your seller isn’t telling you about.

2. Personal Marks and Signs

According to M&A Apartments, any house seller should have the courtesy to remove anything personal from the house such as wall markings and murals. Even if they are tasteful, you, as the new owner, want to be able to make the house your new home. If the family living there before you doesn’t clean up their marks, it just means you have to do it yourself.

3. Water Marks

One of the very first things you have to look for is water marks or stains. Spy corners, beams, the floor and roof to see if there are hazy, brown or discoloured markings, It’s all right to press against these to see if the wall or wood will give.

Why should you be concerned with water stains? These are the most difficult problems to fix, since you’d have to trace where the water is coming from.

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So before you agree to whatever great price is being listed for a house or apartment, make sure you run a thorough eye over the property. You should be able to ask about what happens in the neighbourhood during other seasons and if there are repairs needed.