Choosing the Right Shade of White for Your Home Interiors

Posted on May 3 2017 - 1:00am by Lilies and Daisies

Guy holding a roller used to paint the wallWhite is white, period. Or is it? It could be as soft, dark, warm, soft, or cool as other colors are. It also comes in an array of tints and undertones, which makes choosing the perfect kind of white paint for your home somewhat challenging. Below are five white variants to help you out.

1. Cool as Ice Whites: Pure, cool white hues are perfect for homes with contemporary design aesthetic since they evoke that newness feel. It also goes well with old-fashioned homes; you may check out the house-painting job in British colonial-style homes in Westchester County NY. An all-white room would do great with this shade.

2. Creamy Whites: These white tones are ideal for a warm and relaxing bedroom. For a touch of drama, use several white tones that you could layer to make your room appear not too stark. For instance, you could paint your walls a creamy white and pair them with ivory-colored bedding and wispy white window treatments.

3. Snowy Whites: A wainscoting with this shade would look good in a contemporary living or dining room.

4. Soft Whites: Black and white rooms come to mind for an elegant, art deco look. Even with ample contrast, such a radical space still makes a great canvas for playing with more color. For a homier and less elegant feel, opt for soft white walls, black flooring and doors, and a crisp white ceiling.

5. Warm Whites: These are the best white shades for an inviting and restful living room or family room. Pair them with natural materials and khaki undertones for a welcoming and organic atmosphere.

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So, white isn’t just white; shades can have a significant influence on parts of your home. This means that when shopping for white paint, you must know the subtle nuances between various white shades and pick one that would complement the entire look and feel of the space.