Cooler Summer, Warmer Winter: Why Roller Shutters are More than Just Security Covers

Posted on Aug 1 2015 - 7:01am by Lilies and Daisies

Roller Shutters in PerthEnergy efficiency is one of the prime considerations among Aussies looking to improve their homes. This is not only due to the growing awareness on energy conservation across the country, but also because homeowners look for smarter ways to save on energy costs.

Roller shutters are a good example of products that help homeowners save energy. These are more than just security covers; they’re also a useful way to control the amount of heat that gets in and out of the house. Shutters help cut heating and cooling costs. Here’s how.

Window Thermal Insulations

Window roller shutters in Perth homes provide excellent insulation. When installed properly, it can lessen the amount of heat that enters your property, which is very important during hot months. This means lesser use of energy in air conditioning and cooling your home during summer.

With shutters installed on windows, the glass does not get hot; thus, preventing the heat from getting inside. These covers also provide added protection for furnishings near windows that can be damaged by too much sunlight.

Heat Loss Prevention

Shutters can also significantly reduce your energy bill during cooler months. These window treatments keep the cold from entering your house while preventing the heat inside from exiting, giving you a warmer and cosier abode.

As a result, you will not need to turn your heater on full blast. Made from high quality aluminium, the shutters will help you reduce heating costs that usually go up during winter months.

Other than being excellent energy-saving window treatments, roller shutters also provide protection against extreme weather elements such as strong winds, rain, or hail, as well as from bushfire. In addition, these covers allow you to control light, ventilation, and noise better.

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Properly installed roller shutters will provide you with energy-saving benefits all year round, so work with qualified suppliers and installers to get the most from your roller shutters. It is wise to check with your local government and industry regulators to know the qualifications and certifications of your contractor.