Crawl Spaces: An Important Part Of A Home

Posted on Jun 13 2017 - 3:22am by Lilies and Daisies

Crawl Space Door

Many homes in the United States have open areas about one to three feet high between the first floor and the ground. This section is the crawl space.

You may have been living in your home for a long time and haven’t realized that some sections of your house existed. It’s important to know if there’s a crawl space in your home, especially if you need crawl space repair in Indianapolis. You might just look at them with concern after learning more about them.

What is a crawl space anyway?

A crawl space is a hollow which is usually between the ground and your home’s first floor. In most cases, crawl spaces have enough height to allow someone to crawl through with some ease. Depending on its construction, it could be anywhere between a foot and three feet in height.

Why is it important in homes?

A crawl space allows you to lay down wires, cables and pipes in a concealed area. This way, your home’s interior and exterior will not become unsightly with wires, pipes or cables hanging on walls or ceilings. Burying them underground may be a good idea at the outset. But as time goes by, it may be necessary to do some repairs. In which case, it would be difficult to do so if they are underground.

How do you keep it in the best condition?

It is very important to keep your crawlspace in the best condition. Up to fifty percent of the air inside your home can flow from your crawl spaces. So, it is important to keep this area insulated to keep it dry. You also need to have it checked by professionals to ensure that the area is free from any issue that may cause future problems. Pest and animal control experts can also help ensure that this section of your home is free from any unwanted invaders.

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Understanding what lies in the recesses of your crawl space will help in your goal to maintain and protect it. Remember, the importance of crawl spaces is not all about keeping your home’s aesthetic value. These areas also influence the quality of air you have indoors. For these reasons, you need to maintain and have it repaired whenever necessary.