Creating Your Secret Garden at Home

Posted on Jan 16 2016 - 2:15pm by Lilies and Daisies

Secret Garden in Armstrong CreekA secret garden is meant for relaxing, whether you’re alone or with close friends. How you design it is entirely up to you, but there are practical rules you can follow. To have a garden in your new home that’s focused on privacy, keep these suggestions in mind.

Picking Your Plants

Gardens are normally tended to perfection throughout the year. However, this isn’t necessary when you want it to look mysterious and otherworldly. Pick plants and bushes that sprawl and need minimum cultivation, whatever the weather. Choose plants that are part of the local ecosystem. When buying houses for sale in Armstrong Creek, for instance, find plants that complement the nature reserves and parklands around the area.

Designing Your Space

Whether you work with a landscape designer or go at it yourself, what matters is you’re in full control of how complex or simple your garden can be. Take inspiration from movies, paintings, novels and photographs. Whatever inspires you can be a great place to start.

Lighting the Path

Even the most private of gardens need light during nighttime. It’s recommended to use LED lighting instead of oil lamps or torches, since these are fire hazards, and can’t stand strong wind and rain. You have the option to light the footpath or place larger light fittings overhead.


Remember that even the hardiest of plants will require a lot of tending, especially before its mature stages. It’ll be your choice how complicated the maintenance will be, and how much time and funds you’re willing to spend on fertilising, watering, and cleaning up dry leaves and flowers.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what your garden should look like, take the next step and talk to professionals about achieving your goal. Good luck with your secret garden, and may you and your friends enjoy it through the years.