External Blinds – Making Use of Outdoor Spaces

Posted on Feb 19 2016 - 9:54am by Lilies and Daisies

External BlindsBlinds are great for outdoor spaces too – there are many external blinds in Perth that can help turn patios and decks into extensions of a home. These blinds are designed to protect your property from the elements. There are so many choices that it can be hard for people to decide what to pick. Some questions to consider before taking the plunge are:

  • What function can they perform: Protection from the sun, wind and rain?
  • Do you want privacy?
  • Would you like to have a view of the backyard/scenery around your house or block eyesores?

These questions will help you in deciding the material and colours. Some types of external blinds are made of PVC plastic and available in different colours. Shade meshes can come in a wide range of colours.

Types of External Blinds
  • Zip track: Available in lots of colours, these are easy to deal with as they are fixed on a track. Made of PVC or mesh fabric, these protect against the sun, UV rays, cold and wind.
  • Café Blinds: These are easier to install unlike Zip track blinds – PVC and mesh varieties and many colours.
  • Bottom lock rail blinds: These are the perfect choice for areas where group fixings cannot be done. Can be used to circumvent the hazard of tripping.
  • Bi-fold PVC door style blinds are the perfect choice in places where children play and the best alternative to glass doors.

Blind manufacturers use the best quality materials to make outdoor blinds – they are designed for visual appeal, hard work and to add value to any space they are used in, according to Actionawnings.com.au. Since these are available in a multitude of choices, coordinating the look with an existing structure of any style is easy. It is important to do research before getting blinds as it involves a lot of work and money.

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