Factors That Affect Cleaning of Water-Damaged Carpets

Posted on Mar 5 2018 - 2:37pm by Lilies and Daisies

a carpet being cleanedIf your carpet gets water damaged, you’ll need to act fast. The wet carpet will require cleaning to remove soils, pests, microbes and anything else that might develop due to the moisture. Recommendations for carpet cleaning in Draper depend on the following factors:

1. Kind of moisture present

How clean or dirty is the water that caused the disaster? The source of the water will determine its contamination level. Water damage can be due to:

  • Clean water. Clean water sources include rainwater, broken water supply lines and sink overflows. If you act within 24 hours, you can handle such moisture without exposing yourself to harmful microbes.
  • Gray water. This is unsanitary water such as discharge from malfunctioning aquariums and washers. You should not handle this moisture without safety equipment. If your carpet gets saturated with gray water, a carpet cleaning service can clean it using an appropriate biocide and the hot water extraction method.
  • Black water. This is hugely unsanitary water. Microbe-containing water includes sewage backflows and floods. An experienced professional should handle water damage from a black water source. The cleaning expert will help you decide on whether to clean or replace.

2. Length of saturation time

Remediation work should begin ASAP. Even moisture from a clean water source can be a health hazard after 48 hours due to mold growth.

Gray water may also turn black if you don’t treat it within 48 hours. Irrespective of the water source, you should call a professional if your carpet or rugs get saturated for more than two days.

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The decision to clean or replace water-damaged carpets and rugs depends on the contamination level of the moisture involved and the length of time these items were saturated.

The source of water and the period of saturation also impact on decisions to either try DIY or call carpet cleaning professionals. Keep these in mind when inspecting your carpets.