Fast Facts on Bed Bug Infestation and Effective Pest Management

Posted on Nov 13 2018 - 10:12am by author

Bed Bug Close UpIt should be interesting to note that there is no proven technique to eliminate bed bugs permanently. A combination of techniques and an integrated approach can do wonders. Yet, it is important to realize that some insect populations are increasing their resistance to common pesticides.

A significant threat to American homes

Bed bug infestation is a resurging problem. More Americans are becoming aware of the issue because they are experiencing the problem in their homes. Awareness of how the insects enter homes is increasing.

People are concerned the luggage they bring back to their families may contain bed bugs, and so they try to implement countermeasures. Unfortunately, these insects can be quite stubborn. Even though you vacuum the bags thoroughly, adult bed bugs may have already crawled into a crevice along the walls.

These insects may have lodged eggs that will grow into mature adults very soon and bite you in the night.

Management approaches

Bedbugs hitchhike between furniture and luggage, and they may find a way into your home life by clinging to clothing. When bed bugs thrive, it is not because your home is filthy. It is because they feed on your blood while you are sleeping.

They do not transmit any blood-borne pathogen, and there is no need to fear getting sick from the bite. However, the bite marks are itchy, and they look unsightly. Moreover, you may find it hard to sleep tight knowing the bed bugs will be crawling out to bite.

Most people are oblivious and do not realize they have been bitten. When the realization hits, panic may ensue. You do not have to panic because pest control professionals can help. Standard management for bed bugs is the use of insecticide.

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Alternatively, commercial pest control companies in Mayagüez utilize heat and steam to deal with the issue.

Think twice before you buy pesticides for bed bug control. They may not be effective. Ask a local expert for sound advice.