How to Fix VPN Doesn’t Hide Location Error?

Posted on Aug 24 2016 - 8:32pm by Lilies and Daisies

If your VPN application is not able to cover up your IP deal with and leaking your real place, study this secrets and techniques for discover how you can fix the issue.

Well, most people who use exclusive personal systems Proxy Server Sites List 2018 do so to get around place limitations, and for security reasons, mostly to cover up or modify their present and real IP details.

What this does is it allows customers to avoid geo-restrictions on a material, or see if their ISP is throttling the relationship.

While all this is great helping customers experience more reassured on the online, the regrettable part is there’s a new security defect that can expose or unmask your real IP deal with to spying sight, whether or not you’re using a VPN.

Even more intense is that this defect is so easy to use despite the truth that most VPNs guarantee their customers of security for their delicate information while enhancing their security while on the online.

The new security defect allows distant sites manipulate your browser’s Web Real Time Interaction or WebRTC function, so as to show your real IP deal with even if you’re linked to your VPN, all with a few collections of rule. What happens is where you are security is taken away, the one you get from your VPN, then your real place and ISP is exposed.

As much as this is online browser centered at this time, any app that uses WebRTC and can fill web webpages is insecure so basically any spying eye or on the online snooper can see previous your VPN and know who you are and where you are.

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Signs your VPN is dripping your IP:

But how do you tell whether your VPN is suffering from this security flaw?

Here are some actions to figure out if you’re affected:

Check for your real IP deal with from sites like What Is My IP Address and create it down
Connect to your VPN and select a web server in a different country
Go to the same website and look at the IP deal with again. If you see a new one which fits the one your VPN gives, you’re okay.
You can also go to WebRTC analyze web page and see the IP deal with it gives
Note: If both sites show the IP deal with given by your VPN, you’re good to go. If the first reveals your VPN place and the latter reveals your real IP deal with, then you’re suffering from the security defect. This indicates your online browser is dripping your real IP deal with.

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What to do when your VPN doesn’t cover up location

Despite the stress that comes when you know your VPN doesn’t cover up place, there’s a way out, and you need not wait around for your VPN to fix it for you – you can protected yourself. There are unique you can do to solve the VPN doesn’t cover up place issue, from setting up a plug-in to limiting the WebRTC function.

Disable Geolocation API

Geolocation API is one of the simplest ways for sites and applications to find where you are because it’s precise, simpler to use and your VPN may not impact it.

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To analyze this, get linked to your VPN and run a geolocation analyze. Your online browser should ask if the website can accessibility where you are, so give it authorization and it show a map with your real place, not that of your VPN.

To turn off Geolocation API, do the following:

Check online browser and applications for any previous authorizations and remove the ones you don’t need
If using Firefox, just click Configurations > Innovative > Comfort and Security > Content Configurations > Place to see the record of obstructed and permitted sites
For Firefox, just click Choices > Comfort and Security > Permissions > Location. Opera’s is at Configurations > Websites > Location. Internet Traveler can allow or prevent place assessments from Resources > Internet Choices > Comfort > Location
Tips on how to cover up where you are and also be secure

Use a web proxies that encrypts your surfing around data
Use an on the online VPN which fits identical to a web proxy

Use Tor (The Red onion Router) that delivers your visitors via several nodes all over the world and bounces it around, so each node knows only the one that came before and after it, so its hard to monitor where you are or relationship back to you