Flooring Improvements and Innovations in 2018

Posted on Nov 6 2018 - 3:15am by author

choosing flooring designNew flooring materials are introduced every year. The latest offerings in the market include improved bamboo and carpet, larger tiles, and dark hardwood flooring. Flooring products made from these materials have been on the market before, but these new versions are significantly better.

New technologies helped improve these products to meet customer expectations. Flooring companies in Bradenton, Florida see these products providing innovative benefits to homeowners and builders.

Greener Than Ever

Improvements in treatment and manufacturing make old favorite materials more attractive. Wood has always been a favorite of designers and recycling has made reclaimed timber and planks an even better flooring.

One example is the use of former wine barrels repurposed as flooring planks. These are charming old wood with plenty of character and natural color. New types of finish are also used in new wood to make them look like reclaimed timber. These look like old wood down to the rough hand-hewn texture.

There is also a resurgence in cork, a renewable resource harvested from the bark of cork trees. Innovations in treatment make cork flooring more durable and now comes in different colors. It is softer than hardwood and stone, and comfortable to walk on.

Advantages of the New Materials

Bamboo is a non-traditional flooring product, which is now offered in wider strips with new styles and colors. An advantage of bamboo is that it is a fast-growing grass and when dried, can be harder than traditional hardwood.

Traditional products have also gotten a new look and a makeover. Traditional tiles are now sold in larger formats. Besides the common 12” x 12” tiles, larger 12” x 24” and 36” x 36” tiles are growing in popularity.

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New technology and innovations keep improving flooring products. This gives homeowners and designers more options for floors and room designs.