Get Your Healing Straight from Gardens

Posted on Jun 1 2017 - 7:00am by Lilies and Daisies

Woman gardening

Not all types of healing come from medicines. Some of them are right around you. Case in point: a garden. Gardens increase the appeal of your home, increasing its value. It also provides a quick exploration site for your children.

But gardens can also heal. After reading this, you may want call a home sprinkler repair expert here in Salt Lake City to fix that watering system on your bed of greens.

How Hospital Gardens Improve Healing

Hospitals often conjure images of ill health and death. They smell fear, worry, apprehension, and concern. The last thing you will think is finding a garden. But it turns out many of these health care facilities have one.

Can gardens heal?

Scientific American cited a groundbreaking study in 1984. A team of researchers led by Roger Ulrich wanted to find out how gardens improve a person’s healing. The group pored over medical records of patients who underwent a gallbladder surgery.

Barring other factors that can affect their healing, the team discovered those with windows healed faster. They were also less likely to request for medications. Moreover, they had fewer surgical complications, which lengthen hospital stay.

Fighting Depression One Flower at a Time

Depression affects millions of people around the world and of all ages. Usually, the quick way to deal with it is through medication. Studies, show it may increase the risk of substance abuse

The right depression treatment varies among sufferers. One of the options is gardening. The activity takes a person’s mind off the triggers. It also boosts a person’s morale. After all, it is something you can do in phases: one flower at a time.

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The colors of the garden are pleasant to the eyes, soothing the senses. It is a relaxing place, and it promotes exposure to sunlight. Natural light can increase the levels of serotonin, which regulates emotions.

Start your healing garden today. It does not have to be time-consuming. Start that project now and start feeling good.