How Safe Are Electric Fences for Your Farm?

Posted on Sep 15 2015 - 12:15am by Lilies and Daisies

FenceElectric fences are ideal deterrents against thieves and predators because of the shock they send to animals or people who try to invade your property. The additional protection it provides to your farm is a plus, but are they safe to use, especially if your animals or you come into contact with them?

Western Australia has safety guidelines to make sure that farmers and their livestock are safe and secure within a property owner’s boundary. The installation of electric fencing will improve your farm’s defence, but there are a few things that you must consider.

Amperes are more Dangerous than Voltage

The shock coming after touching an electric fence leaves a painful memory and sometimes, a burn mark. Animals also feel the same when they come into contact with electric fencing.

The shock may leave marks, tenderness or in very rare cases, burn injuries, or death. The odds of fatalities or even severe injuries are low, but as a farmer, you must consider the amps of the fence you want to install.

The current or amps of anything electric is far more dangerous than the voltage. High ampere electric fencing has a higher possibility of leading to a fatality. For example, a 220 volt fencing with 5 amps will not hurt as much as a fence with the same voltage but with 13 or more amps.

High amps will flow electricity through your body for a longer period compared to lower amps. In certain cases, one might have to pull another person away from the source of shock to get them out because of the strong electric current.

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Electric equipment or fencing with a current over 10 milliamps or 0.01 amps may lead to severe shock or produce a sharp pain; currents between 100 and 200 mA are deadly. Before you install a fence, make sure to check the amps.

Electric fences from companies like provide different kinds of fencing for farmers and with varying degrees of amps and voltage for farm animal and human safety.

Keep Your Farm Not Only Well Protected but Safe

Electric fencing keeps your farm safe from predatory animals and burglars, but you must also install warning signs around your property. The height of the fence must be just right to keep your livestock within boundaries. Make the fence visible enough for animals to see and for passers-by to avoid.

The installation of an electric fence is a worthwhile expenditure, but you have to consider safety guidelines, and level of amps and voltage to avoid animal or human fatality.