How to Get Rid of Molds at Home

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 9:14am by Lilies and Daisies

Mold on a cornerMolds can thrive in extreme weather conditions and spread quickly, undetected. Find out how you can prevent mold from taking over your home and which areas in your house are usually affected, and how to resolve the problem.

Mold is not mildew

You might often hear these two terms side by side. However, in terms of treatment, these two must be handled differently. Mildew can normally be found on moist surfaces and can easily be removed, as it doesn’t penetrate the surface of the problematic area. Mold, on the other hand, grows both above and beneath the surface area and is best handled by experts in mold removal services in Utah.

Overlooked places for mold growth

There are some unexpected places in the home where mold can grow and can cause some serious health and safety risks if left untreated. These are hidden or covered areas like air ducts, chimneys, certain appliances, unexposed parts of walls, and window corners.

Air ducts and chimneys trap dirt and moisture. Certain appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines can leak over time, while air conditioning units trap dirt, pollen, and moisture. Even the catch tray under the fridge can collect dust and trap moisture. Dust and trapped moisture from leaks can turn any of these things into an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Moisture can also be trapped at the bottoms of sashes and windowsills. Molds can easily develop and quickly spread to other nearby areas or objects such as the corners and walls around the windows, curtains, floor mats, carpets, and even on furniture.

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Getting rid of molds

Utah experiences long, dry summers, and dust accumulates faster during this time. The heat also dries up water from leaks, resulting in condensation. This makes the perfect mix for mold to thrive. And as molds typically occur in hidden or hard to reach areas of your home, it’s best to contact a company that specializes in mold removal services. They have the right tools and use proper cleaning techniques to get rid of the problem.

Lastly, keep your home dry and mold-free by doing seasonal home cleaning and regular mold testing. These practices are key in keeping up your home’s environmental and structural safety all year round.