I Wish You Wood: Incorporating it Properly in the Home

Posted on Sep 3 2015 - 12:00am by Lilies and Daisies

wooden flooringWood is always a great addition in any home. Whether for the floor, table, countertops, or windows, this material adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any abode.

With all the variations in colour, pattern, style, and texture, however, it is likely that you will have quite the task in your hands in making the interiors come together. When it comes to wood, matching finishes and types look flat and boring. It is also impractical if you don’t buy all home decors in one fell swoop.

Like most homeowners, you will likely cobble together an interior for a couple of months, even years, as you combine a mix of antiques, hand-me-downs, founds, and purchased pieces with a variety of finishes. Here are a few secrets on how to perfect combinations and styles:

Look Under

Wood finishes do not need to match, but they do need to be complementary. Check if the wood elements have a warm or cool colour bias, and use this to match their undertones, regardless of the finish.

A hardwood window with a dark undertone, for example, can work well in a room with light wooden floors as long as these have similar warm natures.

Go With the Grains

Grains are one of the biggest draws for wood, as these design features provide texture and patterns. If the different pieces all have prominent grains, keep it within a general pattern for cohesion, as well as to retain the “mood” of the interior space.

A dining room with chairs, tables, and floors of different finishes can still evoke an open, rustic nature if the boards have similar-looking grains.

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White Things Out

Wood and white always go perfectly together; these colours just work. If you are unsure whether a variety of tones would otherwise look off, incorporate some white pieces or paint some surfaces with white.

White in all the brown pieces is an easy way to break the monotony and calm down any potential crazy. A white cupboard door works well with a full, wooden staircase, providing a stark contrast that delivers a combination that is easy on the eyes.