Japan Travel: 3 Things to Keep a Tab On

Posted on Mar 14 2016 - 8:50am by Lilies and Daisies

 Trip to Japan Japan has always held a reputation as a land of mystery and wonder, as well as a land of fast-paced industrial living. The sheer beauty of its destinations and the rich history of its culture make it interesting to visit for people from all over the world. And with spring coming in, a trip there definitely sounds appealing.

Below is an overview of what Japan has to offer visitors.

The Metropolitan Cities

Japan has gone a long way since post-war recovery. Now bustling metropolises fill the country. Imagine stepping into the iconic Shibuya Crossing and finding yourself lost in the buzz. The cities also offer you the night lights and shopping. You can go and check the new electronics and gadgets.

Take a little bit of that highly industrialized life of Japan with you and see how they keep pushing the frontiers of technology, from robotics and entertainment media to ultra modern Tokyo properties, shares sumimoto-rd.com.sg.

The Festivals and Culture

Japan is rich in culture so much so that it holds festivals year round. With spring rolling in, the highlight of the season is the viewing of the cherry blossom. Every year, tourists and locals flock to parks to see the beautiful flowers bloom and the petals float in the wind. But if that is not enough to entice you, Japan holds many other festivals in spring. Celebrate local culture and heritage and enjoy the warm hospitality of the people.

The Anime and Manga Culture

While the anime and manga culture is part of the Japanese culture at large, it is worth categorizing it as a subculture itself. This part will appeal to those particularly interested in exploring these iconic entertainment mediums. Japan is famous for its anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comic books). For anime and manga fans, there is no better destination than the Akihabara district in the capital as it is the center of anime, manga and gaming culture. Here you can enjoy entertainment such as maid cafes and other role-play establishments. Shop for toys, movies, and other media paraphernalia. Indulge your inner child.

Though Japan is welcoming to tourists and travelers, it pays to research first. Do your homework on local customs and etiquette. The point is to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and have a lot of fun in your trip.