LED Lights: A Welcome Change for Street Lighting

Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 2:45am by Lilies and Daisies

LED LightingThere may never be a more appropriate time to appreciate the beauty of a city than in the nighttime. With the bustle of nightlife and the dazzling play of bright lights, a stunning cityscape can make one just stop and appreciate the scenery for a while.

As far as energy-efficiency is concerned, there may never be a better option in lighting up the city streets than LED lights. Many organisations are advocating the use of LED lighting in major cities because of its many benefits.

Long-lasting illumination

There are many factors to consider in choosing lighting system for the streets. Currently, high and low pressure sodium lamps have become the standard for street lighting. Nonetheless, LED could change all that.

LED lights come with a longer life span than sodium or any other lighting alternative. Street lighting LED can last 50,000 100,000 hours, which can outlast the current lighting systems that you find on streets. This translates to six years of continuous operation, which can double to 12 years if you plan to use these lights only at night. Other traditional lighting systems fail miserably in this aspect.

Cost-Efficient in Terms of Power Consumption and Safety

When it comes to energy-efficiency, a factor that is critical to power consumption, LED outperforms the rest. Overall, LED lights can reach up to 90% of energy savings.

High-pressure sodium lamps remain behind, as 40% of its emitted light does not provide full illumination. LED lights require less electricity to illuminate a given street area. Sodium lamps also contain toxic chemicals—specifically mercury and lead — that could be harmful. LED lights, on the other hand, contain no toxic materials and is recyclable.

LED lights pave the way for cost-efficient street lighting. It is a welcome change to circumvent lighting issues.