Merino Wool: What Makes It a Great Material?

Posted on Oct 3 2018 - 9:10pm by Lilies and Daisies

Wool organized by colorMerino wool is indeed the world’s finest wool. Lightweight and soft on the skin, it has become a popular material for not only clothing pieces like cardigans and beanies but chunky knit blankets as well. Retailers like Lane and Mae offer these Merino wool products, which are perfect for wedding gifts and baby showers. But what’s the reason behind the popularity of these cozy blankets made from large bundles of unspun wool?

Big and Chunky

Chunky and fluffy blankets first became fashionable in 2017, with large throws made of polyester. And in 2018, the trend continued, but now with Merino wool. These giant blankets are also no longer limited to the bedroom, as they’ve made their way to the living room as lovely throws for lounging on a lazy afternoon.

Soft and Lightweight

People’s love for these chunky knit blankets can be attributed to the super-soft qualities of Merino wool. Naturally warm and soft fiber, Merino wool is often used in making clothing worn next to the skin, such as socks and underwear. It’s neither lumpy nor heavy—indeed a high-quality material.

This type of wool also has small folds and ridges, which create air pockets that trap body heat, keeping you warm for longer. The same air pockets create a breathable fabric, allowing excess warmth to be released, which prevents overheating. So, you see, it can keep you warm during the cold season but can also help cool you down when it’s hot.

This self-regulating property of Merino wool allows a lot of leeway in different weather conditions. It’s perfect especially if you want to bring fewer clothes for your trips, no matter the season is.

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There’s no question that chunky knit clothes and blankets are versatile and trendy. But more than that, they’re made from the finest, softest, and most lightweight wool that can keep you comfortable and protected at all times.