Mice be Gone! What’s Attracting Mice to Your House?

Posted on Oct 29 2018 - 1:07am by author

mouseIn the class of rodents, rats and mice happen to be the most adaptable when it comes to habitat and diet. This explains why they are such a persistent nuisance to humanity. In fact, mice will eat just about anything human beings eat, and they will happily coexist with humans in different environments.

Nonetheless, you can discourage rodents from entering your house. A rodent control expert in Boca Raton, Florida shares a guide that will help you figure out what’s attracting rodents to your house.


True, rodents are attracted to the warmth our shelters provide, but what attracts them even more is the accessible foodstuff. Mice will eat just about anything, and they particularly love grains, seeds, oats, vegetables, and fruits. If you’re into the habit of leaving packets of food open, you now know why mice are snooping around your house. To keep rodents at bay, make sure you cover all the foodstuffs in the house.

  • For dry grains, store them in an airtight container.
  • Avoid storing boxes of food on the floor; instead, store them in cabinets
  • Opt for a trashcan that has a lid. Ensure that you empty trash regularly.
  • Fix gaps, cracks, and holes in your house.

Rodents are notorious for squeezing in incredibly small spaces to gain entry. Any gaps in your sealing, cracks, and holes in your wall and spaces between the doors and floor or plumbing lines make great entryways for rats. Mice will also easily gnaw through wood, so old homes may be more prone to these unwanted guests.

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A home that has no predators is attractive to pests

Getting rid of the annoying gnawing creatures may involve getting a furry cat with a big appetite and great hunting skills. Well, it’s never a good idea to get a cat for the sole purpose of dealing with rodents, but some natural predators can resolve a host of pests. A cat will surely help you with the problem.

Even if you implement these pro tips, you need to deal with the root cause of the pest problem in your house. An inspection from professionals in rodent control will help identify the causes of infestation and provide the best solution.