Minor Faux Pas: The Décor Pieces that Make Your Home Look Unsophisticated

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 8:31am by Lilies and Daisies

Well-designed living roomYou want your home to look classy for your guests, but mostly for your comfort. Even though it would be best to add your personal touch to your home, it helps to know some interior insights that you aren’t aware of. As you upgrade your internal wooden doors, check out below décor pieces that spoils the interior look of your home.

TV Wires

Home designers reveal that you should never display TV wires. Tuck these neatly away and hide it for a more refined look. Fix this issue by concealing cables in cable management boxes or upgrading your home with wireless technology. Moreover, remove massive TV stands and make the most of the space by attaching the screen to the wall.

Fluorescent Lights

Bright and glaring fluorescent lights ruin the atmosphere inside your home, and it can make your décor look guileless. Fix this by turning it off and using a lamp with a softer and warmer glow emanating from it. This forms a more welcoming atmosphere.

Completely Bare Room

Minimalist interiors are all the rage these days because they appear quite sophisticated, but only if you know how to design it right. Fix this by adding cosy accessories, like bright cushions or colourful throws to your sofas.

Paper Lamp Shades

Inexpensive paper lamp shades make your house appear cheap, and it destroys the general appearance of the room. Fix this by replacing the paper with a more trendy fabric.

Particular Picture Frames

Tasteless or cheap frames stick out and will surely catch the attention of your guests. Fix this by getting custom matte mounts and glare-proof glass to frame your photos or art. Otherwise, just opt for a digital photo frame.

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In this case, less isn’t always more. You might not be aware of it, but minor faux pas could be spoiling the general ambience of your home. While these pieces seem trivial, these are the first objects your guests see once they enter your home.