Mistakes to Avoid in Landscaping Care

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 1:00am by author

People talking about landscaping projectAs a commercial property owner, there is a lot of work that you need to do for your landscaping to look neat and well-kept all the time. The standard maintenance practices include regular mowing, trimming of bushes, pest control, and weeding.

The maintenance routine may seem like a lot of work, and you can end up missing some important details. That makes it essential to hire landscaping services for the health of your lawn. Below are some of the common mistakes that commercial landscaping services in Charleston help you avoid:

Too Much Mowing

Mowing is among the top maintenance practices for a lawn, and that makes it an often practice for landscaping. However, not many homeowners know that mowing your grass too often is dangerous.

Cutting the grass short stresses it and causes stunted growth. Also, you expose the grass to pests and diseases and soil erosion.

Wrong Equipment and Products

The high chances are that you use any equipment that you get your hands on to perform your lawn care routine. The equipment you use is essential in guaranteeing you the groomed landscape you need.

Likewise, you need to use the right chemicals to prevent pests and diseases. The wrong choice of fertilizer, quantity applied, and method of application could also affect the health of your lawn.

Not Doing Soil Analysis

The state of your soil affects the growth of your lawn. Plants require nutrients for proper growth, and they depend on the soil for nutrients. If your soil is devoid of the essential nutrients, the plants in your lawn will not grow as they should.

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Get a soil specialist to perform soil analysis tests on your lawn to determine whether your soil is appropriate for the growth of a healthy lawn.

Maintaining your commercial landscaping involves more than the regular maintenance practices and requires the input of landscaping experts. Regular commercial landscaping services will help you keep your landscaping in the best shape all year round.