Nine Plants You Can Grow from your Balcony from Andrea Bellamy

Posted on Jun 5 2015 - 6:51am by Lilies and Daisies

To the untrained eye, gardening seems like a lot of work. There’s always not enough time, not enough space. Garden expert Andrea Bellamy, author of Small-space Vegetable Gardens, wants to make it easier with the following starter garden ideas:

Fresh herbs

Fresh HerbsFresh herbs are perfect for limited spaces. Their packed nutrients, flavors and ability to repel pests make them an “all-star plant”. As if that’s not enough, they’re extremely easy to grow.

Herbs are nature’s best low-calorie sources of flavor. There really is no downside to having this gem growing in your balcony.

Salad Greens

It’s not popular knowledge that salad greens, whether in hot or cold season, are incredibly easy to plant. It’s advisable to grow them from seeds instead of starts, says Bellamy. This will save people lot of money and gives them a wide range of lettuce variety to choose from.


Kales are also easy to grow and not picky in terms of weather and soil, making them another great health-packed vegetable to have in your mini garden.


Strawberries in your balcony? Why yes. Bellamy suggests growing them as early as now so there will be greater yields next summer.


Tomatoes are a good example of summer plants, meaning they grow best during dry, warm seasons. Keeping them keep nourished during the damp and colder seasons has always been a challenge for many gardeners.

Bellamy says to place them under a good shade to prevent moisture from seeping. Moreover, she suggests keeping the leaves healthy and dry.


Potatoes may be affordable finds on the supermarket, but growing your very own may just be the better route, because you can choose which kind to plant, says the garden expert.

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“Go for a variety you won’t see in the store,” Bellamy suggests. She herself plants Siegland potatoes each year for a rich, buttery treat. “They’re to die for.”

The best part is that these spuds require small spaces, contrary to popular assumptions. They can be grown in special bags and tall containers that can easily fit in a standard-sized balcony.


Radishes are another plant packed with nutrients. It’s even better to eat them fresh and right out of your garden. The best thing about them is they will be ready to harvest and eat just a few weeks after planting.

Peas or Beans

Peas may not be ideal for the summer heat, but Bellamy says small space gardeners can always turn to string beans and filet beans. “Push in a bean and you’ll have a sprout in a few days,” Bellamy shares.


August is the best harvest time for this summer-loving plant. Since zucchinis take up larger room than others, Bellamy suggests choosing smaller varieties that will fit in smaller spaces.

Turn your balcony into a vitamin-packed garden this year and enjoy the bountiful yields of this unique gardening project.