Perth Gardening: Going Green with a Few Simple Additions

Posted on Oct 13 2015 - 2:32am by Lilies and Daisies

gardeningOne would automatically think that having your own garden is eco-friendly on its own. Maintaining plants within your property that allow you to harvest ingredients and preserve decorative flora is something truly beneficial to the environment.

Did you know that there simple add-ons that you can install in your garden to make it “greener”? Find out how a few simple changes can make Mother Nature even proud:

Add a Composting Plot

No matter how small your garden is, there is always enough space for a compost area. Ready-to-use composting kits are also available in most garden supply stores. The team of Perth Gardening suggests keeping your compost plot moist.

Use Organic Pest Control

It is tempting to try that new chemical spray displayed in the supermarket that shows before and after pictures of garden produce. Nonetheless, remember the produce in your garden will go to your family. Are you willing to take the risk of adding pesticides to your food?

You can attract lacewings and ladybugs that eat pests. Plant a border of marigold, sunflowers or candytuft flowers in your garden. Attracting birds with the use bird feeders and birdhouses can also help reduce snails and slugs. Not only do these serve as organic pest control, they help in the pollination of your plants.

Use Harvested Rainwater

Watering your garden every day can spike your utility bills. By installing a rain barrel in your home, you can reduce your water bill and use mineral-rich water at the same time. You can also use rainwater for cleaning driveways, cars and your home’s exterior fixtures.

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These green suggestions can help improve your garden in the best way possible. This can be your way of giving back to the environment and making your home a comfortable haven.