Pool Design Options for Various Types of Backyards

Posted on Oct 9 2015 - 3:30am by Lilies and Daisies

Pool Design IdeasAnyone who’s planning to build a pool in their backyard should start by having in mind a shape and design. This is especially true when the amount of available space in your backyard can put a limit to the size and style of your pool. While your builder can provide you with several pool types and designs, it pays to have a clear idea of how it should look like before choosing a contractor.

Here are some smart pool design ideas for irregularly shaped and sized backyards.

For small backyards and lot corners

When you want a classic looking pool but all you have is a small square-shaped backyard or a narrow corner, you can try building a mini pool. To make it more interesting and look more spacious, use bricks to achieve a classic courtyard appeal. Add tropical plants around your mini pool and in the walls for an added tropical feel. Don’t forget to add lounge chairs because it would surely be your favorite place to unwind.

For narrow but long lot spaces

Go for a rectangular infinity pool if the available space for you pool is long but narrow. It is a nice option to take advantage of the available space. What’s great about this type of pool is it would lend an instant contemporary feel to your property. This would make swimming more fun and relaxing. Add a water feature such as a waterfall or a Jacuzzi for an added character to your pool.

For overly spacious backyards

When space is not an issue, then you have plenty of options, from circular pool to an irregularly shaped one. One good way to take advantage of the space is to add interesting features such as recessed seating area inside the pool. This should be the favorite place of those who want to stay dry while basking in the cool ambience and relaxing sound of the waters. For your new swimming pool, Salt Lake City builders offer a wide array of pool building services, including customizations.

When you’re sure of what pool you want, find the best personnel to help you. Choose a contractor that can provide you with your dream pool.