Pros and Cons: The Different Granny Flat Flooring Options to Choose From

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 9:15pm by Lilies and Daisies

A modern wooden cabinSelecting your flooring for your newly built place can be quite hard for you don’t really know which would be ideal for your granny flat in Sydney. Classic Cabins notes that you have to understand that this is one of the most essential decisions that you will have to make regarding interior materials. The best way to decide is to determine the pros and cons of each material:

Hardwood Flooring


  1. Wood flooring doesn’t only look attractive, but it also works well with any décor. It’s available in an array of stains and wood types that would fit any design.
  2. Better compared to carpets for those who suffer from allergies.
  3. Easy to vacuum and mop.
  4. Temperature is in between cool tiles and warm carpets.


  1. Heavy objects that rest on it for a long time can damage it.
  2. Will have impact dents from high heels and dropped objects.
  3. Some timbers are quite slippery, so elders and kids should be more careful when walking on these surfaces.



  1. Soft and comfortable, so it adds a friendly feel to a space.
  2. Comes in a variety of fibre, patterns and colours, which would make it easy to complement any colour scheme.
  3. Enhances the aesthetic charm of a room.
  4. Can lower heating costs because of its superior insulating qualities.
  5. Perfect for elderly residents and is a safe alternative because it lowers the risk of a fall.


  1. Is not applicable for individuals who are quite sensitive to allergens.
  2. Needs more maintenance than other floor types.
  3. Stains can be hard to get rid.
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Ensure that you choose the right material for your flooring by basing it on your preferences. Weighing each of their pros and cons will surely help you decide.