Protecting Your Plumbing System Pets

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 9:57am by author

happy dogIn their 2017-2018 survey, the American Pet Product Association reveals that about 68 percent of households in the US own pets. That’s quite a figure to note, especially when these pets can cost you clogging, blockages and related plumbing problems.

If you are a pet homeowner, you will want to carefully observe the following three ways Alfa Plumbing Services recommends, to keep your plumbing system free from pet-related problems:

Clean your pets outside

As much as you love keeping your pet indoors, once in a while, your pet will want to roll in the dust and mud. Cleaning your pet indoors will cause mud-coated fur to go down the drain.

The fur can cause clogs and bring your plumbing system to a halt. It is advisable you bath your pet outdoors, and avoid draining the water with fur into your plumbing system.

Keep water out of reach

Your pet could drink toilet water when they are thirsty and leave their fur in the toilet bowl. Therefore, ensure there is water in your pet’s drinking bowl. Doing this will ensure your pet does not drink water in other places. Some cleaning chemicals are also dangerous to your pet’s health.

Cover exposed pipes

Pets enjoy chewing on stuff, and any exposed plumbing work is no exception. That could lead to pipe outburst and flooding of water or sewer water in your compound. Take time to seal any exposed pipes to prevent such incidences of water wastage or contamination.

Your furry members of the family could have caused your last cause serious plumbing problems. Now you know how.

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However, that should not mean you should try to fix any plumbing issues by yourself; you could end up worsening the situation. It is best if you always engage licensed plumbers in Houston for all your plumbing inspection, maintenance, and repair needs.