Really, How Many Bathrooms Does a House Need?

Posted on Sep 19 2016 - 7:20am by Lilies and Daisies

Bathroom in AustraliaIn older two-storey houses, two bathrooms should be enough for all the occupants of the home. These days, it is a trend that two-storey homes have a standard of at least two and a half bathrooms – and these are almost essential in today’s market.

Cougar Homes, however, has a question for those looking for new houses in Townsville: how many bathrooms are just right for their home?

Factors that Affect Bathroom Count

Three factors that affect the number of bathrooms in the home are the size, measurement, and fit. The two indicators that determine the number of bathrooms you need is usually the total square footage of the house and the number of occupants. Most of the time, just by looking at the floor plans, coordinating and determining the number of bathrooms with the number of bedrooms is possible.

Efficient and strategically placed bathrooms, however, can make a difference in the number of bathrooms needed. Whilst the acceptable ratio of bathrooms is usually one per bedroom – providing a chance for personalised spaces. If there are children in the house, it would be wise if there is a shared bathroom or a Jack and Jill bathroom connecting two bedrooms.

Powder rooms are for guests' use and it will be a good idea if these were scattered throughout areas where they will be entertained. This room should have enough space for a toilet and a vanity. It is up to the owner if they like to add a quaint shower as well.

Bathrooms Add Value to Homes

Just how much value do second bathrooms offer? Because of its convenience and privacy, en suites and second bathrooms are highly valued and regarded by the housing market.

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In the end, the bathroom is one of the parts of a property that homebuyers should consider when searching for a new home. The rest include the bedroom, kitchen, living room and the garage.