Safety Hazard 101: The Most Common Preventable Garage Door Injury in Kids

Posted on Oct 8 2018 - 8:28pm by Lilies and Daisies

Little Girl resting on her father's shoulderThe safety of garage doors has come a long way in the last decades. From the instalment of photo-eyes to the emergence of garage opener apps, getting in and out of the garage is safer than ever. But, of course, precautions are still necessary. This is especially true when it comes to children’s safety. The truth is the most common garage-door-related injuries among kids are also the most preventable.

When Kids are at Risk

Kids are naturally curious. That’s why garages — where tools, machines, and cords are kept — are like a treasure trove to them. You know well that children and garages are not a good combo, though. They could be at risk to injuries resulting from two common situations: being trapped under the garage doors as it goes down and getting their fingers stuck in the garage door tracks while opening or closing.

These are serious injuries that could send your kids to the emergency room. This is why it’s important to observe safety precautions when using garage doors. Cairns experts recommend keeping an eye on your children every time you’re in the garage and performing routine maintenance.

Better Safe than Sorry

The first step towards preventing such injuries is to educate your kids about the risks. Let them understand that playing with garage doors, ducking under it while closing or riding on the garage doors as it opens up is a no-no. As kids copy behaviours from adults, you should be conscious of your own actions as well. Walk the walk, talk the talk.

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Of course, it’s also important to have maintenance checks regularly. Often, homeowners pay attention to their garage doors only when there’s something wrong already. This shouldn’t be the case. Call experts at least every quarter to make sure that your system — its sensors, springs, and cords — is functioning well. These garage door specialists will then be able to see problems early on before they even cause troubles for your family.

Are your kids safe in your garage? Avoid serious injuries by keeping an eye on your kids and ensuring your garage door is in good working condition.