Safety Measures For Your Front Door

Posted on Dec 22 2017 - 1:07am by Lilies and Daisies

Wooden front door of an upscale homeWeather can be unpredictable nowadays. One minute the sky is bright and sunny then suddenly, a cloud filled with rain is ready to pour down.

Since the doors, which are entry points in your home, are constantly being exposed to different weather conditions, they will experience some wear and tear over the years if you don’t take action.

The Solution: Storm Door

Investing in some extra protection to reinforce the quality of your door can be beneficial in many ways. You can add a new feature, such as a metal frame or buy a storm door from reputable suppliers in Salt Lake City, such as Price’s Guaranteed Doors. You can place this type of door at the back or front, and add robust locks for improved security.

Using these doors with locks can help reduce the risks of an intruder breaking in by 4%, making it useful for security measures. Here are some details and advantages about storm doors.

Second Door

A storm door is popular because it serves more than one function. The general idea of it is that you install it in front of your home’s entryway, functioning as a second door. This type of door cover can be made of glass or screen. If you choose the screen option, you may open your front door and leave the storm door closed, allowing the natural breeze to come into your home and air it out.

The glass and screen door both have the advantage of letting extra natural lighting enter your home, which can help you save more on electricity. Another great benefit is that it comes in an array of styles to match your home design.

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Taking the extra step and adding a storm door has many benefits in terms of safety, style, and lighting.