The Case for Switching to Metallic Fence Posts

Posted on Nov 18 2018 - 1:00am by liliesanddaisies

Private property with metal fenceRinging your property with metal fence posts is the first step toward creating a security fence to keep out intruders. Galvanized steel posts are the most popular choice for they offer a myriad of benefits. These steel supports are coated with zinc making them impervious to rust.

It means that they’ll serve you for a long time while requiring little in the way of maintenance. Naturally, such posts are durable, environmentally friendly and can hold up a fence that will withstand high winds. Metallic posts often come with other additional benefits when installing a fence on your property.

Increase Your Options

If you live in a termite-prone area, using a wooden post can cause to incur a fortune in fencing bills. Termites tend to eat away the supporting wooden post leading an entire section of the fence to collapse.

Not only will you have to buy a new post but the splintered and broken splintered planks as well. That works out to a lot of unnecessary work.

Switching to metallic posts eliminates this threat without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your fence. Your fence will be much sturdier as steel posts don’t bend as to the wooden ones.

Reduce Fire Incidences

It may come as a surprise but using metallic fencing posts can save your property from fire. In addition to being fireproof, steel posts will act as lightning rods to ground the fence when lightning strikes. Using such posts — on a farm, for example — keeps your animals safe as you prevent fire incidents.

Spend Less On Upgrades

Since galvanized metal posts are resistant to rust and rot, they will serve you for a long time. In case you wish to upgrade from a wooden fence to a chain link mesh, you only have to by the meshing. It means that you will save money on both supplier and labor since the post will still be standing tall and strong.

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With a little creativity, you can keep the cost of installing and maintaining a fence on your property low and affordable. You just need to pick the right fencing material during the installation process.