The Future of Irrigation: A Glimpse on How You’d Water Your Yard Tomorrow

Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 7:45am by Lilies and Daisies

BackyardTo Americans, a healthy, green yard is such a sight to behold. Nothing says welcome home like a well-manicured lawn. A perfect venue to cook barbeques, to teach your little boy how to throw, to see your kids run around and play all day with your Golden Retriever—your landscape is the most “livable” space in all your non-living areas around the property.

Thanks to promising technologies being developed today, watering your turf may change forever in the years to come. State-of-the-art sprinklers are commonplace, but these future, next-generation irrigation systems could be just around the corner:

Intelligent Systems That Adjust with the Weather

Picture this: your system could automatically set its program and adjust to the changes of the climate. It means it would water your garden more often during dry and hot seasons to keep your herbs and ornamentals properly nourished. After a downpour, it would stop releasing water due to its abundance in the environment until the need once again arises.

Sounds like a make-believe device? It might hit the market before you know it.

Several manufacturers are developing such irrigation controllers. In concept, they could detect the prevailing precipitation and temperature among other variables to know the exact amount of water needed for maximum plant growth. Pretty cool.

Revolutionary Systems with Sensors That Know Soil Moisture

Even if centralized irrigation control has been around for a while now, they’re only used in covering large-scale areas, such as gold courses and universities. It might, however, be the new standard for residential irrigation soon. They’re equipped with high-tech sensors that allow the computer to schedule watering based on the amount of moisture in the soil. When this happens, you could easily upgrade to these groundbreaking sprinkler systems in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, or any other major city.

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Innovative Drip Systems in America

Widely used in Middle Eastern countries, drip irrigation might reach the American shore sooner than later. This advanced technology can be integrated into the landscape design to adequately watering green areas in a cost-effective fashion.

Trends usually come and go, but these irrigation systems are bound to stay for some time. Unless something happens for their development to run out of steam, you might be able to use first before your children.