The Safety and Privacy of Walk-in Tubs for Seniors

Posted on Oct 11 2018 - 4:59am by author

Modern bathroomA good bathroom is a place where one can experience tranquility and serenity void of any disturbances. Taking a bath revives everyone both physically and mentally.

If this is the case, then the elderly share the same feelings and desires to spend time alone in the bathroom. For the sake of their safety from encountering bathroom accidents while using a regular bathtub with a step-over of about 20 inches, the caretaker must chaperone them. A walk-in tub for seniors is what they require for their privacy.

Improved Features for Safety in a Bathtub

You can only find the safety of a bathtub from a walk-in tub. With this improvement in bathing, the fatality from bathroom accidents can be reduced tremendously. This walk-in tub is what all senior citizens should have to experience safety, tranquility, and serenity without the risk of accidents or disturbances. Various added features come with a walk-in bathtub to make them more comfortable for seniors, including the following:

  • Holding bars for seating and standing
  • A swinging door that opens and shuts firmly to prevent water leakage
  • Features on request, such as jets for hot water, a microbubble bathtub system, heated seats and more.
  • Smooth edges
  • Armrests for comfort and relaxation
  • Deep bathtub for immersion in warm water to soothe tired and sore muscles

Easy and Fast Installation

The walk-in tub for seniors is portable. Bathtub experts can install it anywhere that would be convenient. On the other hand, an old tub can be replaced by removing it and replacing with the new walk-in bathtub in as quickly as 24 hours. In this case, you don’t have to change the location of the tub, preventing confusion for your elderly loved one.

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Provide quality time for your senior family member by providing them with safe and comfortable bathing with a walk-in bathtub.