Types of Fasteners Used for Gutter Installation

Posted on Oct 20 2018 - 1:00am by author

man finished installing a gutterInstallation of a roof to your property does not mark the end of your construction. One of the essentials you should put up after roof installation is the gutters. These channel rainwater and melted snow away from your property’s walls and foundation and hence save it from costly damage.

Seamless rather than sectional gutters are the ideal choice since they are strong, leak-proof and easy to clean. There are various methods of fastening the seamless rain gutter to your Salt Lake City property.

Regardless of your chosen method, there are different fastener options you have for the gutters installation. The following constitute the most common, according to Double T. Inc.


These are the basic options for gutter installation. Spikes work well when used with aluminum eaves troughs. You might, however, need to paint the spikes’ heads to match your property’s exteriors. Lines of rust also generally drip from protruding spike heads when they have no rust protection.

Spaced Hangers

Most property owners prefer these since they look better than spikes and remain invisible from the ground. Spaced hangers are however more expensive than spikes. Screw-on hangers closely resemble spaced ones, but the former have screws for installation. This considerably eases their installation.

Continuous Hangers

These are generally the most expensive fasteners you can pick for your gutters. Continuous hangers are, on the other hand, the strongest fasteners available. They are hence the best choice in places with heavy snow and rainfall.

The continuous hangers, unlike spikes and hangers, also protect your gutters from debris accumulation since they act like leaf guards. They hence minimize your gutter cleanings.

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Mistakes in fastening your gutters generally result in sagging and inefficient gutter systems. To negate these mistakes in your gutters’ installation, have the above fasteners fixed by a professional instead of handling it as a DIY project.