Water is Important! Drip Irrigation System for Your Precious Plants

Posted on Mar 27 2017 - 6:05am by Lilies and Daisies

Irrigation System Watering PlantsThere is only a single way to take care of your garden – never forget to water your plants. Given the many advances that the world has seen in the gardening industry, there are sprinklers and irrigation systems that can answer this need.

UtahSprinkler.com, for instance, discusses the drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation uses a collective of valves and pipes in distributing water to specific areas. Through the system, water gradually drips onto specified plant locations through the soil or right onto the roots, saving water and fertilizer while benefiting the environment.

Prevent Drought: The Best Way to Take Care of Your Plants and Trees

According to Suzanne DeJohn of Gardeners.com, the top three rules for taking care of your trees include the following:

  1. Water
  2. Water
  3. Water

If that doesn’t emphasize how important watering is to your backyard or garden, then ask God why plants need water so much. Depending on what kind of plant or tree you own, the amount of watering may vary. Checking soil moisture by poking a screwdriver into the ground is one way to knowing the right time to water. Also, there are differences between watering newly planted and grown trees as well.

Know What Works: Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Mike Kuhns, an extension forestry specialist, suggests that drip irrigation is a “good way to reduce water use” when nourishing your trees with that invaluable H2O. The important thing to consider when installing a drip irrigation system is the design and its functionality.

Kuhns provides a list of design considerations that involve filtration, pressure regulation, and area coverage. These are crucial to ensuring that all your plants receive the necessary amount of water that they need to survive. Calculating water use goes hand-in-hand with the design, of course. In the guide, Kuhns also provides the formula for the amount of water that a plant needs.

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To sum up, a drip irrigation system offers the specialized care that garden enthusiasts need to save water and fertilizer. For entrepreneurs in the garden industry, this translates to saving dollars in costs and revenue.