Weed Control and Prevention Tips from Garden and Lawn Experts

Posted on Jul 7 2017 - 11:03am by Lilies and Daisies

Weed ControlIf you’re like most nature lovers, you choose weed-free lawn maintenance practices that don’t involve the use of chemicals. These products must be used only as a last resort, as they also affect the plants and organisms that you want to save in the first place. You might be thinking how else you would be able to maintain a healthy lawn minus the herbicides.

Salt Lake City lawn care expert is the best person to ask about effective and chemical-free weed control. Here are some key pointers to remember:

Root Them Out

Weeds, such as yarrow, dandelions, ragwort, clovers, couch grass, buttercup, and stinging nettles rob your plants of water and nutrients from the soil. You should know that the most potent method of keeping the weeds under control is pulling them out from the earth with their roots.

The best time to do this is after a good rain. If you have tried pulling out weeds when the soil is dry and hardened, then you know it is futile. Yet, if the soil is loose and damp, the task becomes less laborious and more productive.

Do Not till the Soil Too Often

Airing out the soil is good for plants. Unfortunately, it benefits the weeds as well. When the earth is upturned, you are likely to bring to the surface seeds that have long been dormant. These seeds will grow into weeds that you will end up pulling out anyway.

Do Not Give Them Room to Grow

Weeds are plants that require space, sun, water, and nutrients to grow. If your lawn has less space for them, because it is mostly covered by grass and other plants you are growing, then weeds will not be able to take hold.

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Prevention is still the best solution to any weed-related problem. Keep the plants you are caring for healthy and tended properly by maintaining a healthy soil. Ask weed control experts to help you achieve this.