What It Takes to Refinish Hardwood Floors Properly

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 1:52pm by liliesanddaisies

Man sanding wooden floorRefinishing hardwood flooring is often considered a do-it-yourself job. However, just because you love doing things on your own does not necessarily mean that you should. For starters, your precious hardwood floors could end up with grooves and dips. You could even accidentally start a home fire. Main Street Kitchen & Flooring gives the following advice to those who want to achieve the best refinishing results:

Ask for a Sander Demo

A sander might seem easy to use, but there’s a technique to use it properly. An incorrectly installed belt could easily wreak havoc on your hardwood floor. When you rent a sander, make sure to ask for a demo to see exactly how you’re supposed to work it.

Rethink the Stain

Consider keeping your wooden floors natural and finish it with a water-based polyurethane, advises a hardwood flooring specialist in Santa Ana, CA. Water-based finishes dry fast, and you need to work extra fast because it could feel dry to the touch in about 15 minutes. Otherwise, your flooring could end up with overlapping strokes, which could make your work look substandard and amateurish.

Test First

Choose a small spot where you could test your process before starting on a large area. Some oil or chemical based cleaning agents leave a residue that could bubble to the surface when you begin sealing the hardwood planks. If anything looks amiss during the test, strip your flooring first using a water and ammonia solution or a standard hardwood cleaner.

It’s crucial that you take your time and don’t rush the process since refinishing your hardwood flooring could take a week or more. Most of your time would be spent on waiting for the paint to dry. You should also wait for a minimum of 24 hours minimum before touching your flooring after each coating. Additionally, wear socks throughout the entire refinishing process and for at least two days more when you’re done because bare feet and shoes could easily destroy all the hard work you put into refinishing your flooring.

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