Why Farmhouse Style is a Current Trend for Home Decor

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 9:26am by Lilies and Daisies

Classic rustic living roomThe rustic or farmhouse style has a functional yet comfortable charm that you can use when revamping a house, restaurant, inn, cafe, or boutique. Considered as one of the many aesthetically elegant designs, the rustic trend focuses its design on earthy, natural, and organic materials.

This timeless trend highlights nature while providing a sensible choice for interior decor. Wooden headboards, twine-wrapped cabinet handles, interior sliding barn doors, pallet shelves, pallet benches, and pallet wine racks are some rustic ideas you can use.

Behind the Rustic Design Popularity

Rustic interior not only connects with nature, but also with the past. It celebrates the art of repurposing. As it connects with nature, it allows us to experience peace, happiness, and comfort.

Most of the time, it focuses on rehabilitated wooden furniture or accented metals. These elements of wood and stone add hints of the outdoors to any interior space. As a result, you have a space free from noise, stress, and pollution. Science has always suggested that nature is crucial to one’s physical and mental well-being.

The rustic trend has no rules. However, this doesn’t mean you’re safe from home decor mistakes. Similar to nature, you can experiment with a mix of organic elements, coastal decor, and intersperse shabby decor — all of which will turn a space into a picturesque view of nature.

Common Rustic Pieces You Can Use

  • Vintage-inspired Accessories – A farmhouse style revolves around several vintage accessories, such as wood bowls, enamelware, baskets, old silver, quilts, ironstones, and mason jars.
  • Natural Textiles – The use of natural textiles can bring together the elements of a farmhouse. Some of the best fabrics to work with include ticking, burlap, cotton, and linen. Keep the colour neutral or minimal to give the illusion of softness and texture.
  • Beadboard – A timeless look of grooved beadboard and planked walls are budget-friendly ways of adding a rustic feel to any space. Furthermore, you can install this on the backsplash, ceiling, stairway, and walls.
  • Barn Doors – Interior sliding barn doors have moved from countryside barns to homes and commercial establishments. There are several modern barn door designs including wood, glass, or metal. You can also install these in bedrooms and home offices, or use them as excellent room dividers.
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The rustic style offers a kind of warmth to the heart. Hand-made amenities, rough-hewn decors, and wooden furniture add a feeling of comfort and cosiness. It’s no wonder why this design trend has become such a hit, especially among those in the city who want a taste of something homey.