Why Protection is Needed for Your Lovely Slate Floor

Posted on Dec 19 2015 - 1:00am by Lilies and Daisies

Slate FloorSlate is a flat, smooth and often colourful type of natural stone. It possesses the defining characteristic of building materials quarried from the crust of the planet — enduring, versatile, beautiful and durable. Some argue that sealing is unnecessary, but if you want the newly-installed slate floor to serve generations of your family, you will do what is necessary to protect the surface.

Why do you need to protect slate floors?

You cannot follow everyone who is carrying food, drink or other substances that has the potential to stain your lovely floor with a mop or rug ready to wipe off a spill. Common sense dictates you should apply a product that protects the floor from damaging elements instead.

Natural stone floors are porous, although they vary in porosity depending on the chemical composition. Slate is a metamorphic rock formed under intense heat and pressure from sedimentary volcanic ash or clay. If you spill liquid on a slate floor, a few drops will not stain it. However, exposure to certain elements like salt and direct force will do significant damage. Sealing is imperative for softer slate products sourced from China and India.

What kind of product will protect your slate flooring from damage?

Miracle Sealants says a slate sealer is what you need to protect and enhance the stone’s natural gloss. You need to find a product containing high quality acrylics. If you settle for anything less, then you might have something to worry about when substantial amounts of water, grease, acidic substances and other potentially staining mixtures spill on the permeable floor. Go out of your way to find a sealer that is specifically formulated for natural stone. For people very particular about appearance, look for a product that resists rain spotting. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a perfect slate sealer that markedly reduces your flooring maintenance requirements.

Learn about the innate properties of your slate floor, and find a sealing product that protects it satisfactorily. Your efforts will be rewarded with blemish-free flooring that’s the envy of your friends and relatives.