Why You Need to Maintain Your Lawn

Posted on May 27 2017 - 1:00am by Lilies and Daisies

A lawn being mowed by someone Having an attractive and healthy green lawn can make your home look and feel more cozy. To keep your entire lawn in a healthy state, you need to maintain it properly.

A beautiful lawn greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home and potentially increases its value. Its fresh look is a welcome sight each morning. You need to remember, however, that for your lawn to maintain its beauty, it needs proper care. It is essential to observe your lawn for any sign of problems and to know whether it is time to trim it.

Trimming Time

A lush overgrowth does not equate to a healthy lawn as this can also cause your beautiful greens to wither and die. When you notice your lawn grass getting thicker and taller, you need to mow it to give it a healthy height.

This task is an easy thing to do, but you might consider contacting a lawn service provider in Minneapolis, Minnesota to do it for you. These lawn mowing professionals are very skilled in trimming your lawn grass to its proper height and are careful not to scalp it. They can also provide excellent advice on how to aerate and dethatch your lawn in case there is mold or fungi growth.

Watch out for Fungi Growth

Spring is that time when all types of plants welcome the arrival of the occasional shower which further boosts the health of your garden. Unfortunately, it also fosters the growth of unwanted molds and fungi that could damage your lawn.

The Lawn Institute recommends aerating your lawn when you notice this problem. To aerate, remove pieces of the soil around four inches deep and almost an inch in width where soil is compacted. You will know you have the right spot when you see water pooling in that area. You can also use a safe dethatcher to help the aeration process and help the soil underneath your grass become rich and fertile.

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Watch out for Weeds

According to iGrow.org, you need to keep an eye out for weed growth that might affect the health of your lawn grass. Some of the plants you do not want to see growing in the middle of your lawn are crabgrass and dandelions.

These weeds can do some potential damage to your lawn if left unchecked. An occasional dandelion is all right as they even help in aerating your lawn but you need to manage their growth by digging them out or using safe herbicides.

In all instances, proper lawn care and maintenance will help keep it healthy and strong.  It’s best to ask professionals to do this because they know lawn health much better than you. When you have a healthy lawn, your entire property will look more inviting and attractive.