Why You Should Wait for Winter to End Before Cleaning Your Garden

Posted on Feb 19 2018 - 7:24am by Lilies and Daisies

Residential area during winterHouseholds that maintain gardens know the associated challenges of keeping them in the best possible condition during winter, since freezing temperatures can kill most flowers and plants.

In Florida, for instance, the coldest winter snap since 1989 has occurred in the state at the start of the year. It can be appealing to start clearing your garden after the worst of this season is over, but doing so prevents you to see if any plants survived the cold.

Garden Restoration

The benefit of waiting until spring allows you to check if plants still have living roots, including those in terracotta planters. Let nature run its course, and you may also save a plant’s top growth. Any major clean-up before spring foils your chances since a plant’s “cold injury” are still not noticeable.

Some of the things that you may do include watering plants during the final weeks of winters. This will not only provide plants with moisture but also thaw frozen soil. Another pre-spring preparation involves pruning dead leaves. Be careful not to overdo it and wait for new growth, as there is a chance of cutting live branches.

Florida System

Gardening in Florida involves more than just keeping a beautiful lawn. For instance, the Ethos Community Garden in Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) teaches students with agricultural lessons imbued with moral values.

The 500-square-foot garden also indicates that urban agriculture will be the norm in the future, according to FIT student Zach Eichholz. Aside from this, the Ethos Community Garden landed one of the top 375 green colleges in the country for 2017.

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Garden maintenance during winter entails many challenges, but knowing the right time for certain chores will be helpful in taking care of them even during harsh weather. How do you protect your plants at this time of the year?