You Never Thought Engraving Is This Easy

Posted on Jan 23 2017 - 5:34am by Lilies and Daisies

Engrave GlassGlass and wood engraving can be done on your own, though you will need cutting machines and CNC tooling equipment to complete the work. It would also be easier if you have programs like Adobe Photoshop, Corel, and AutoCAD for the vector files. That aside, you only need these few tips.

Prepare the glass to be engraved

Take note that the smoke coming from the engraving process may stain the surface; putting masking tape around it protects the surface. You can peel it off anyway after you run the engraving.

Use proper laser settings

Make sure the settings are done in your laser and it’s ready for engraving the material. Even types of glass can vary in thickness. Before you make the actual engraving, conduct a test cut first on a scrap of glass.

Choose the burs

Next, choose the burs (diamond, rubber, and silicone) that you want for your engraving. If you want to highlight fine lines, use diamond burs. Green silicone, on the other hand, is good for large areas. Rubber burs, however, are for the final touch or polishing. Stonegate offers quality-engraving tools such as spherical burs and other CNC tooling needs.

The size matters

There is also a difference concerning the size of the burs. The size of diamond burs may range between 40 grit and 600 grit. Coarser grits are cheaper, but you cannot vouch for the quality. A safe choice is 120 grits for general engravings. Should you find the grits chipping, dab a wet sponge on them. You may also have to adjust the speed of the drill.

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It is likewise important that you hold the glass as you engrave. If you are engraving, you may use a board to protect the glass. Simply use a board, cut it to your desired shape, and use it as a support to hold the glass as you work.

Engraving with wood is a little similar. You also use masking tape to protect the edges from engraving stains. Choose hardwood for large engravings instead of plywood — the latter is difficult to work with and does not engrave that much. Should you want a dark engraving, pre-set your laser and burn the wood at 1200 dpi. Don’t worry about the burn marks as they can be cleaned with denatured alcohol.